Today where 24 hours in a day doesn't quite cut it, and opinions can't always be trusted, REKO provides a solution that's guaranteed not just to make waves, but to create a tsunami.


REKO is a social network based on recommendations from friends. It was established to address an existing problem. How many times have you followed up on recommendations on the Web, only to be bitterly disappointed? Why? Because not every Tom, Dick and Harry shares your opinion that sushi is the best invention since sliced bread, that Star Wars is the most phenomenal science fiction movie ever made, or that the new hairdressing salon on the corner of Dizengoff St. is simply sensational. How many times have you asked friends on social networks to recommend a restaurant that will send your taste buds skyrocketing, a movie that will leave you crying from laughter, or a top-notch lawyer who will get you out of any fix? Why? Because you value their opinions far more than Tom's, Dick's or Harry's. REKO aims to share your experience of a particular business, restaurant, movie, professional, and more, with those you trust the most – your friends, so that both you and your friends will be able to access the information in a reliable, fast and easy way.The process on REKO is carried out in a very simple way. All you need to do is click on REKO if you recommend, or UNREKO if you don't recommend, and your friends will instantly know your opinion about the experience you have encountered. In this way the recommendations become more reliable, safer, and above all, contribute more to you and your friends.



”Reko has the potential to change how people receive recommendations from friends and it is my privilege to recommend them as such.”

Dr. Moti Friedman

Our Team

REKO wants to create a world that recommendations is super reliable.

Our team believes that with REKO we have the power to change the recommendations world and create better and reliable one.

Asaf Kalmanovich CEO

Asaf Kalmanovich


CEO Experience: Owner, website, Branch Manager at HIGH-Q, Salesperson, Cellcom.

Itay Nagar CTO

Itay Nagar


CTO Experience: CTO at Technosoft(over 300 customers globally); Billing Design Consultant at Amdocs.

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